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Highlighting line chart

Highlighting line chart series on legend hover.

Range chart

With amCharts 4 you can create a range chart and fill parts of it based on the values in the range. In this example, the parts where open value is higher than the close value are filled with one color, and when close is higher than open another color is used.

Drawing chart

Your charts don’t have to be limited to passively displaying data. You can use amCharts as an interactive chart creation surface and enable your users to visually draw new charts.

Animated bullet

Animated bullet at the end of the series.

Comparing different data

Comparing different date values Google analytics style.

Zoomable Value Axis

The chart can support zooming in any direction. For that it has two properties: scrollbarX and scrollbarY. Both can be set with an instance of a Scrollbar, and configured individually.

Step Line Without Risers

You can control exactly where within category/date each step starts and ends using series’ startLocation and endLocation.

Chart With Gaps In Data

If your data contains gaps – data points without values – you can easily make the chart display a gap as well. Just set its connect = false setting.

Multiple Value Axes

The chart can contain any number of axes – both vertically and horizontally.

Live data